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IN PHOTOS: Oblation Run By UP Aperture · Updated about 3 years ago The Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity in UP Diliman challenged presidential and vice presidential aspirants to take the "Hubad na Daan" in their annual Oblation Run on Monday.

It was said that Oblation run was merely for merriment or merely an look of insanity but with a closer expression inside it you’ll able to larn that it’s non merely an ordinary tally.

but it’s an look of protest against the system. ” (tripod. com) We will write a custom essay sample on Oblation Run Essay Sample specifically for you. The Oblation Run (sometimes referred to as the Ritual Dance of the Brave) is an annual event held by several Filipino chapters of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) in different universities in the Philippines.

It draws its name from the Oblation, a statue of a nude man located in every University of the Philippines (UP) campus, which symbolizes "a selfless.

Oblation run essay
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