Impact evaluation of telehealth on patients health essay

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The Telehealth And Nursing

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The Impact of Telehealthcare on the Quality and Safety of Care: A Systematic Overview

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At what point is the important margin of expected structure such that an error might be "worth" any additional risk, therefore clarity the intervention related?. Oct 13,  · Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: telehealth in nursing and the ability to provide quality care has received much attention of late and there are several studies that examine the role of telehealth in supporting patients and helping nurses provide quality care.

The Telehealth And Nursing

Telehealth is one advancement with the primary purpose of improving a patient's clinical health status, as defined by the American Telemedicine Association. Essentially, electronic communications such as two-way video, wireless tools and smart phones are used to exchange medical information.

Telehealth may also serve to buffer the general practice in situations where the professionals who are monitoring patients as part of the telehealth service are distinct from general practice and have the authority to provide clinical care, for example by adjusting treatment and/or reassuring patients.

Each telemedicine evaluation will have to select quality and outcomes measures that fit the patients, settings, services, desired outcomes, and other characteristics of its project. While some patients may enjoy less face-to-face interaction with so many health care professionals, others prefer one-on-one interaction with their health care team.

A disadvantage of telehealth is the elimination of these regular interactions with. The financial impact of implementing telehealth services in a community can vary, depending on the type of service and the patient population.

However, previous experience has shown that individual facilities and providers can increase revenue by seeing a higher volume of patients.

Rural Health Information Hub Impact evaluation of telehealth on patients health essay
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