Electronic product code project essay

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Electronic Products code

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Electronic Products Code

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The EPC structure is defined in the EPCglobal Tag Data Standard, which is an open standard freely available for download from the website of EPCglobal, Inc. Bead Bar Systems Development Project Essay - Bead Bar Systems Development Project A systems development project is a process in which a design is created to meet the needs of a specific company.

The general goal of this project is to evaluate the feasibility of and outline design requirements for replacing the current Universal Product Barcode (UPC) system with a next generation Electronic Product Code (EPC) system for a small chain of grocery stores.

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The electronic code would allow businesses to track shipments and inventory automatically through a system of tags and sensors. It was a potential replacement for the manual scanning of bar codes, a technology that itself revolutionized retail two decades earlier.


Electronic Product Code

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Electronic product code project essay
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